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We believe disability services should be holistic, and tailored to suit each individual.

To this end, we offer the following support services

Accommodation assistance

Live as autonomously as possible with our assistance finding accommodation (such as shared living, host family, transition and independent living), arranging tenancy agreements, completing household tasks (cleaning, shopping, preparation and delivery of meals), and organising the transition of rent/utility accounts to the NDIS. We can also visit you at home for a few minutes, a few hours, or even overnight.

Behavioural guidance

Our expertise in early intervention and education is backed by clinical guidance and support, so you can develop positive behaviours and manage complex needs with confidence.

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Community connection

Become more connected with your world and access your choice of community, social and recreational activities as an individual or in a group setting. You could see a concert, attend local events, or take part in a local drama group – it’s completely up to you!

Dream fulfilment

If you’ve ever dreamt of travelling to exotic destinations, visiting distant family/friends, or even learning a new hobby; we can help you fulfil these dreams with customised travel and care plans.

Health and wellbeing

We provide information about diet and exercise, assist with self-care needs (including overnight and live-in assistance, if required); and opportunities to participate in sports, personal grooming, gardening, natural therapies, cooking classes and more.

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Independence and life skills

We provide individual and group skills training for consumers and carers to increase independence in daily activities such as planning/plan management, public transport training, community/social/recreational skills, and specialised driver training. You’ll also have support with arrangements, information and orientation as you move from school to further education or employment.

Whether you need a little (or a lot of) support to reach your goals and become more independent, Supports by Design are here to assist!

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