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Supports by Design news: July 2016

Rockhampton office now open

On Monday 20 June 2016, more than 20 people helped officially open a new Supports by Design Disability Services office at 49 William Street, Rockhampton. Co-designed by our consumers, the funky and accessible new office features iPads for visitors' use, open seating areas, plenty of wheelchair access and easy parking, a bookable conference/meeting space, and a community van for hire.

We hope this office will provide service users and their carers with a modern, comfortable planning facility as they prepare for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) roll out. Full details of the NDIS roll out can be found on the NDIS website.

Thank you to all who attended – it was great to celebrate with you! If you missed the official opening but would like to stop by our new office address is 49 William Street, Rockhampton. Details of our conference/meeting room and van hire are available at

We look forward to seeing you at our new office soon!

Ready to officially open the new office Guests networking at Rockhamption launch event

Sunshine Coast Coordinators Rebecca Clarke and  Annette Schoenberger watch service user NAME's balloon antics Rocky Locals Event

Guests networking at Rockhampton launch event

Quick 5 Quiz

Stopwatch illustration for quick five quiz

We want to learn more about you, so we can send stories and news you actually find useful. Email your answers to the questions below to by 30 September 2016 and one lucky reader will win a funky prize pack!

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Adventure on the High Seas

Wayde on cruise ship
Wayde Sorensen enjoying his dream holiday.

Wayde cruise ship Legend of the Seas

Wayde holiday tchou-tchou train ride

In April, Wayde Sorensen set sail on a dream holiday, supported by Supports by Design.

Wayde and a support worker headed off on the Royal Caribbean's Legend of the Seas ship for a nine-night cruising adventure. The trip started with a visit to Champagne Bay and Port Vila, Vanuatu, where they toured local sights and villages, did a pub stroll and soaked up the beautiful scenery.

At Lifou Island, New Caledonia, Wayde climbed to a clifftop church and enjoyed expansive views. The final stop was Noumea, capital of New Caledonia, where Wayde took a tour on the Discovery Tchou Tchou train and participated in a traditional French wine and cheese tasting class.

Wayde enjoyed life aboard the ship, and became somewhat famous for his enthusiastic Karaoke performances and boisterous dance style. Late at night Wayde enjoyed a quiet drink, making friends and enjoying the music with other passengers in the piano bar lounge. Wayde would often party late into the night and made many friends independently.

Although he initially had some reservations about spending money (as Wayde had a goal of purchasing a piano to pursue future musical ambitions), Wayde soon realised he would have more than enough for a shopping spree. At Duty Free Wayde bought nearly a whole new wardrobe with accessories – and still had enough left over to purchase his piano upon returning to Australia!

The trip was a huge success for Wayde's confidence and made a big step toward independence. Wayde is now planning for another cruise in a few years' time, this time to New Zealand.

If you require assistance in planning or taking your own dream holiday, contact Supports by Design Disability Services on 07 5438 3000 or email

Zac skills up

Zac Stevens with Fresh Start Career Coach Stephanie Robinson, celebrating Zac’s successful completion of a Cert II in Hospitality.

Zac Stevens has just completed a Certificate II in Hospitality through Integrated Family and Youth Service (IFYS) Limited's Fresh Start Program.

Over eight weeks, Zac completed 12 hospitality modules on topics including Occupational Health and Safety, Responsible Service of Alcohol and how to set up a bar. He also took part in a mandatory 24 hours supervised work experience module in a cafe. Zac's tasks on site including setting up and packing up from service, cleaning and sterilizing the coffee machine, and general cleaning tasks.

Zac's personal highlight was participating in a formal practical skills day at Maroochydore State High School. To pass this assessment Zac had to make a perfect coffee, a mocktail (non-alcoholic cocktail), and perform general cleaning duties.

With over 120 hours of touch time and homework make up session, the course was a substantial undertaking. Zac enjoyed the experience greatly and is now looking for employment in the hospitality industry.

IFYS Ltd's Fresh Start Programs offer formal training and qualifications for 15 to 19 year olds in Business and Hospitality. If you would like to learn more about our courses or start dates, contact Lindsey Nelson on 07 5438 3054 or

Consumer Corner: Bruce's Underwater Outing

Contributed by Bruce McCombe

On the first of June I went to Underwater world with my support worker Mandy. As soon as we walked in we got to touch the beautiful blue starfish and the stingrays too, they felt like velvet. In the same tank there were turtles and in the bigger tank there were even sharks. We then moved on and saw some seahorses. They were very pretty and different colours, and some were very strange looking like seaweed.

It was 11 am by this time and that was Seal Show time so Mandy worked her magic (she does this often) and we got to walk a very special short-cut – through a tunnel with one of the staff members. We got to sit in the front row and I saw all the magic and tricks that the seals did. They ate a lot of fish. One of the seals even pushed a girl in the water which Mandy and I thought was very funny. After the show it was time to get my photo taken with one of those cheeky seals. I was a little scared at first but then the seal gave me a kiss on the cheek and I knew it was ok. I got my photo taken with this awesome seal.

We had fish and chips for lunch which was quite ironic – and I thought a little funny too. Later we saw a lot of different fish such as Oscars, Jaguar Chichlids, Clown Loaches (which love to play chasey with the other fish, and makes clicking noises), silver sharks and big, big fish like gropers. We walked through a long underwater tunnel which was amazing. Mandy and I took selfies inside which was really cool because it was like we were in a fish tank. I also saw a really big shark jaw with sharp teeth – I even fit inside it!

I was very excited that we came here today as I absolutely love fish. That was my awesome day out at Underwater World.

Bruce McCoombe enjoying Underwater World Bruce McCoombe Underwater World Bruce McCoombe and suppor tworker Mandy enjoying Underwater World

Consumer Corner: Brian Visits the Nambour Show

Contributed by Brian James

I had a great surprise today. My sister and her husband came to visit me this morning and took me to the Nambour show. I got to play some games in Sideshow Alley, which was loads of fun. I even got to choose a prize to bring home.

There were lots of people there and my sister helped me walk around so that I didn't fall over. We had a long walk to a place where we could sit down and watch the wood chopping. This was the best part of my day and we spent a lot of time watching the men chop wood and cheering them on. They were so fast and their axes were very sharp. I asked my sister if I could have an axe like that but she said that I couldn't. We came home after the wood chopping as I was getting tired but I hope to go again next year and stay longer so I can see the fireworks.

It was such a fun day!


Contributed by Damian Sorensen

Hand-drawn laughing face

Q: Why is milk the fastest thing in the world?

A: Because it's past your eyes (pasteurised) before you can see it!

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