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Rockhampton Update

I had wonderful time celebrating my 34th birthday, at the Giddy Goat Café, Rockhampton for a high tea.  I loved the ‘yummy’ high tea with my boyfriend and friends. 


Beach Boys Concert (written by Brian) 

We went to see the beach boys concert at the Nambour RSL, on Saturday night.  Our table was next to a friendly couple who made us feel welcome while we waited for our tasty meal.  I enoyed a lovely, Thai pumpkin soup followed with chicken breast medallion wrapped in bacon on a bed of tomato puree and mashed potato topped with roasted asparagus.  When the meal was over the music started.

We both loved the music, clapping with the people around us to old favourites.  One of the ladies next to our table was a great dancer and tried to get us to dance with her, but we were abit shy for that.  However, before the night ended, my mate and flat mate Bruce, decided to go on the dance for a boogie, we got home around 11pm, jumped into bed, with big smiles on our faces,  after a great night out.

Sydney Holiday (Consumer Story)

I recently had a great time away in Sydney, I went with my support worker, we experienced the SMASH anime convention.  This convention has a large number of attendees coming from all over Australia.  It is a place where fans of Japenese animation can come and meet like-minded people and share some fun times.  We travelled from the Sunshine Coast Airport to Sydney and had a great learning experience together.

The journey was a long one out to Parramatta but it was well worth it.  I purchased a new Opal public transport ticket,   it is similar to the Go Card system in Queensland, I was able to use the skills I had learnt for the Go Card.

I had a great time at the convention, as I have a passion for the genre and I saved spending money to do this.  This was a goal I had set with my support worker.  I setup a special savings bank account especially for the weekend and saved money each week, I didn't touch my savings until it was time to have fun on holiday.

I  found some hard comics that he had been looking for and purchased a whole range of merchandise. .

On the Sunday,  me and my  support worker commuted into the heart of the city and checked out the sights including the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House.  Although, I had been to Sydney before I had never seen the bridge or the Opera House before, it was a great highlight.

I had a great time,  it was very tiring but a great mini holiday away.

Beach Day

On Saturday morning, we decided we wanted to go on an Beach outing.  We dicussed possiblities and decided on spending the day at Mooloolaba Esplanade.  We packed up a big blue cooler bag with BBQ food, plates, cups and utensils.  After choosing what food to share with each other my housemate gathered her music folder, guitar and her camp chair.  We then headed out to the bus stop.  We had six bags in total and we shared the load evenly between the three of us.  We waited nearly an hour for the bus. 

When we got off the bus we decided to go and check out the BBQ area to see if it was busy or quiet.  We got there at lunchtime and we were lucky to find a free table and BBQ.  A party was happening in the BBQ area and we decided try our hand at busking, setting up a busking camp to play the guitar along to some ipod music.

After lunch we went for a window-shop long the Esplanade.  We chatted to many people walking past, stopping at cafes to find out if people were cat people of dog people. 

We sat down for afternoon tea at Gloria Jeans.  We enjoyed our favourite beverages. We ducked off to get a paper and met up with a busker along the way. 

We shared the baggage load back to the bus top and returned home, we were all tired from a big day out of walking, BBQing, busking, skill building and sharing.


Lot's of Laugh's

Contributed by Damian Sorensen

Q. What is black and white, black and white?

A. A bridgestone tyre rolling down the hill.

HolyOake - Drumbeat

On Wednesday 24th to Friday 26th August 2016.  I attended HolyOake Drumbeat Drumming Training.

Glad to say my hands are not sore anymore!!!!!

Three days of Drumming facilitor training held by HolOake at PCYC Bayside Brisvegas was alot if fun and a slap happy time.  Drumbeat is a Social Development program exploring relationship issues through combination of the benefits of the group druming process.

Participants attend 10 x 2 hour sessions and learn a vaerity of drumming rhythms.  I am now looking forward to facilitating our first 10 week session for Support by Design.

We are also taking expressions of interst for a co-facilitator.  Are you interested?  If so please email tell us in 25 words or shorter.  Watch this space!!! Annette S

Circle of Color

I have called this picture  - Circle of Colour

Reseachers are now acknowledging the qualities of adult coloring like mediation, coloring allows us to switch off our brains from other thoughts and focus on the moment.  I received my Circle of Color on my name day.  Thank you Andrea Robertson - I look at my Circle of Color often, it helps me focus on my tasks at hand when I am at my office desk. (Annette - Co-ordinator ILP)

For Your Diary

  • Support by Design NDIS Information Session - Sunshine Coast - 20th October 2016 Time:10am & 2pm Place: Unit 8 Jildere, 9-11 Newspaper Place, Maroochydore 4558 RSVP:


  • The most commonly used letter in the alphabet is E
  • 85% of plant life is found in the ocean
  • Lemons contain more sugar than strawberries