How do I use this?

Existing Supports by Design consumers


You will receive an information pack when it’s time for you to transition. If you have questions before then you can read the NDIS FAQs for existing clients, or contact us to learn more.


After your NDIS application has been approved, you will meet with an NDIS planner to create your NDIS plan. You can bring a friend or carer with you, if you like.

With your NDIS plan in place, you can then contact us to book a free* consultation. At your Supports by Design consultation, we will explain our NDIS Support Clusters and pricing. Again, you can bring a friend or carer with you, if you wish.

Establish and buy

If you like what we offer, contact us to establish a service agreement and Personal Plan** to suit your needs. With your Personal Plan drawn up, you can then begin purchasing supports and start living the life you choose!

  • Download NDIS Price Guide – Supports by Design (DOC 203k | PDF 198k)
  • Use this fee calculator to see how much you’ll have left over for support, once fees are deducted


We will review your Personal Plan with you every six months (or as things change), so you continue to get the most out of life.

*First hour is free.
**Once-off Personal Plan establishment fee applies (approved NDIS Participants who were existing Supports by Design service users can claim this $250 fee under the NDIS).