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New consumers
(not eligible for the NDIS)


If you are not eligible for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) but wish to access disability support in Australia, you need to work out if you are:

Once you know which of these categories you belong to, you can then follow the steps below to access support.


If you are eligible for government assistance, you should apply for support via the Disability Services website, then contact us to arrange a free consultation*.

If you are not eligible government assistance but still want to access our supports on a fee for service basis, you should contact us to arrange a free consultation*.


At your Supports by Design consultation we will discuss services available, and assist you to identify your needs, goals and budget. You can bring a friend or carer with you, if you like.

Establish and buy

If you like what we offer, contact us to establish a service agreement and Personal Plan** to suit your needs. With your Personal Plan drawn up, you can then begin purchasing supports and start living the life you choose!


We will review your Personal Plan with you every six months (or as things change), so you continue to get the most out of life.

*First hour is free.