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December 2016

Upcoming Birthdays




Wayde, Andrea, Bree-Anne, Mark, Cardie and Evan


Point Perry is alive with the Sound of Music

On a sunny hot day my support worker and I decided to play guitar in the park at Point Perry Coolum.  We though that our only audience was the wild life but little did we know there were some lovely humans listening to us singing and playing guitar.  The songs were 'Quesera' by justice crew, the well known folk song 'Kumbvah' and  'Imagine' by John Lennon.

When we were finished playing we were packing up and putting things in the car, a lady stop my support worker and said to her.  "I didnt think my heart could lightened when I woke up this morning but hearing music on the hill and you both playing really brighten my day".

Then I came to the car and the lady said 'It was good to hear you sing and it made my day'.  She shook my hand and I realised that there are people out there who enjoy others singing and it made me very happy.


Two Professors

IFYS Support by Design Rockhampton have partnered with local coffee shop 'The Two Professors to promote the wonderful work being done across both organisations.  The Two Professors show their support of Support by Design by branded coffee cups.

Manager Roxy is happy to promote Support by Design and considering IFYS staff and service users are big fans of his coffee, it is a great opportunity for all

So far the coffee cups have promoted some robust discussions about Support by Design and the NDIS across the Baristas and patrons.

A visit to Rockhampton by Manging Director Tony Pignata and Executive Manager Helen Brafield with Area Manager Leah Samson below displaying the coffee cups.


Magic Show

In November we went to a magic show at Lake Kawana Community Centre.  There was lots of dancing, and magic tricks that we loved watching.  Some of the magicians made us laugh.  Here's some pictures of us with the beautiful dancers, my housemate even got a book and collected all of their autographs.



Race Day

One Sunday my carer Mandi and I went to the Royal Flying Doctors Service Race Day at Corbould Park in Caloundra. I had a great day and I picked 6 winners of the 8 races on the day just by looking at them in the warm up yard.  I didn't bet though.

I cheered the horses on as they came down the home straight and enjoyed reading my form guide, I kept is as a reminder.



Atomic Connections

I have a lot of pictures on Facebook.

My mum was born in Liverpool UK.

I have family from the UK from Nanny and Pops side.

All nice people in the UK.  Aunty Ann and Tim and cousin Georgina.....

I see them all on Facebook ....and we send messages.

I like UK Ham from Woolworths.

One of my cousin's Tash was in the band 'Atomic Kitten' in UK.

My pop's niece is Tash.

Her son 'Alfie' is like my pop's name is Alfred.

I love my family.

Atomic Kitten (pictured)


Bike Riding Bandit....

The day started with a little bit of drama on our way to Maroochydore. All of a sudden we went from 100km's to zilch. We waited for about 10 minutes in a traffic jam then headed back to Coolum.  We decided to go on a bike ride. We started in Mudjimba and rode around to Alexandra Headland campsite, after taking a few pictures of the bike we rode to the 7/11 to nab a drink. On the way back I slid on some loose gravel, I performed a great army roll when I bit the dust. The rest of the ride was slow and steady and I couldn't wait to get home.


Toastmasters Continues

I received an Encouragement Award at Toastmasters at the last meeting for 2016.


Halloween Time

We really got into the Halloween spirit this year.  We spent the afternoon decorating our front lawn and house with carved pumpkins and ghosts. We wore spooky costumes and had treats galore for our neighbours. 

During the evening we sat together outside, handing out treats and talking to many people who passed us by.  My housemate commented on the many costumes.  She even got out her guitar and strummed songs to enterain the trick and treaters.




Carmel & Candice....Partners in Fun

We commenced Horse Riding for the Disabled in October.  We supported each other and really enjoyed this new activity which we are now going to attend every fortnight !!!





                                                           Carmel & Candice


Economic Benefits of the NDIS


NQ Ten Pin - Disability Masters

I travelled to Townsville to compete in the North Queensland Kirwan Disability Masters Ten Pin Bowling competition. I won a veritable swag of trophies, including 2016 1st prize.  While in Townsville I caught up with my family.

I received these Medallions

1st place for 2016 Disability Intercity Challenge - C Grade Team

2nd place for 2016 Disability Intercity Challenge - D Grade All Events

2nd place for 2016 Disability Intercity Challenge - D Grade Doubles

2nd place for 2016 Disability Intercity Challenge - D Grade Singles

Trophy - 2016 Handicap Disability TenPin Bowling Master - 1st place

Trophy - NQ Kirwan Disability Masters


For Your Diary

Christmas Closure - IFYS Head Office is closed from close of business on the 23rd December 2016 until we reopen on January 3rd 2017. 

Have a safe, Happy and Prosperous Christmas Season EVERYONE !!!!

See you in 2017.


Damo's Fun Fact Corner

 Q. Why did the golfer wear two pairs of pants?

 A.  In case he gets a hole in one.




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