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July 2017

Queenslander, Through and Through

On Friday 7th July, I was gifted a ticket to the local State of Origin Sportsman’s Luncheon hosted by the Coolum Lions Club and Coolum Men’s Shed. I enjoyed a lovely afternoon raffles, race calls, incredible spread of food and most of all, an interview with Billy Moore, a State of Origin player from the 90’s. I learnt the story behind the “Queenslander” war cry and heard tales of Queensland and NSW rivalry. After the presentations, I met Billy Moore and he autographed a picture of myself with him. I was so excited to meet one of my football idols from the 90’s. I plan to frame the autographed photo and hang on my wall.


No Harm in Being Prepared

Oh what a night, I was catching up on the daily news.  The local station was broadcasting a story about a bushfire near Coolum. I sprang into action and started to pack my duffle bag with important belongings. I wanted to be prepared to leave if we had to. I also started to listen to ABC radio "Sunshine Coast FM".  Did you know this station is very handy for updates on any local events of the Sunshine Coast? Next, I grabbed my local map to see where the fire was.  I would be handy to have around if you are in an emergency. Over the next thirty minutes, I checked the internet for updates on the Channel Seven Facebook page.  I also kept up to date via the website of the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service. I received a call from my mum and dad to see if I was ok, which I was.  As it turned out the fire did not come anywhere near us.  I prepared for it anyway.


Let's Go Chasing Water Falls

I am lucky because where I live I am able to go on long bush walks, exploring.  I went for a walk with one of my support workers on a beautiful sunny afternoon and we came across this local creek and a small waterfall.  It is lovely around the Nambour area. I love getting out in nature there are so many things to do and so many things to see. The benefits of being in nature, for me, are endless.



During June, I jumped onto a bus. Took a ride  from Caloundra to Mooloolaba. It was a Thursday. Had a great time. Had lunch out and then hopped on a Mooloolaba Harbour Cruise. Bobbed around the waterways of the Mooloolaba canals for a bit, then headed home. Can you tell by my happy snaps, had a great time. Thanks Deb !


My New Job

Hi Everyone. Here is a couple of photos of me at me new job in Nambour.  I work Monday to Friday with a company called NAYLIS (Nambour Adult Youth Independent Lifestyle Support).  I am learning many new skills, including gardening, mowing lawns, painting, as well as the use of tools to make various woodwork projects.  Recently, I have been painting a real boat, made a model boat, am currently making a dog kennel, and fixing a set of drawers.  I was happy to see my support worker come and visit me today; I would love to show you what I have been learning lately.


Don't Feel Sorry - (I am Not)

Do not feel sorry for me just because I cannot see

This is my story and how it came to be

You don't know why how when or who I am

And where I have been what I have seen or how I feel

Please do not assume that I am blind

Because of the impairment and what it could mean to me

Please do not hush you child and tell them that it is rude

For a child is intrigued by the difference they see in me

Let your child stop me and enquire

For knowledge is growth through understanding

My peace is made by what has come, but don't pity me

I grew up with sight just like you I had a childhood too

Full of sight no differently as it was for you

I have been so lucky to have been and seen

Most of this country

From many days on the sand and amongst the crashing waves

I have kayaked many rivers and fished many lakes

Camped in many rugged places I loved to four-wheel drive

Riding horses in so many places whether trail riding or cattle droving

The best of all, all would agree

I have seen my children grow up and succeed

So when the lights fades away completely I can still see them in my mind

For I am a bit of a poet

So my sight goes beyond what I cannot see

I have seen beauty in all things where you may have not

A story of the past and present, a journey to the future.  A reflection of what will be done through self-determination

Michael J Cooper.


Megan, Blake, Drew, Linda, Amanda-Jane, Michael

Date Claimer

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