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March 2017









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Rarotonga Cook Islands

I travelled to Rarotonga in the Cook Islands from Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.  I was bored when I was on the flight over to the Cook Islands I guess it had something to do with being on a flight for over 14 hours.  We had to go through customs.  They checked our passports and stamped them then we were out the other side.  The first time my bag went around on the carousel I was waiting in the Customs que.  On the second time my bag went passed I missed grabbing it.  It was the third time lucky that I grabbed my bag, and now we can finally go.

After we left Customs and we had touched down on the island I felt calm and wanted to look at everything and everywhere.  My head was moving from side to side like those laughing clowns you see in the side show alley.  I did not want to miss anything as it was the first time I had travelled outside of my country. 

I feel great - I had my own self contained room which stepped straight out on to the palm studded white beach.  Imagine a few steps and I am swimming in the lagoon.


Noosa Pamper Weekend

I liked the unit where we stayed and I'm not allowed to stay there for ever. I enjoyed a back and foot massage from Shannon at my Day Spa outing. I visited local tourist attractions like the Peregian Markets. At Peregian Beach markets my worker had a mishap with her sunglasses and a local toilet. I had a great fun weekend away.



What Christmas Means For Me

This is me with a little Christmas tree that I bought and took over to my mum's. We began our celebrations on Christmas eve to add some festiveness for our Christmas day.

I put some tinsel decorations up.  I bought a cat teaser for my cat Bridie.

I bought Chocolates and a Candle for Irene.  And a little gift for Gladys. 

I took some dips and crackers to share and enjoyed a lovely Christmas lunch with Irene on our Christmas day.


Adam and the Parrots

I was able to go on a community access shift for Adam with Rob.  This is something I wish I could do more often.  Our plan was to go the Botanical Gardens, buy some smoko from the kiosk and head to the duck pond to feed the ducks we had half a loaf of stale bread.

When we ordered our smoko at the kiosk, we had to wait for the chips to be cooked, so we had a seat.  I had purchased a sandwich which attracted the scaley breasted Lorikeets to our table.  Rob gave Adam a piece of bread which we brought with us and Adam very carefully held it out to the birds who immediatley swamped him.  I cannot tell you how much joy it gives us to see the wonder creep across Adam's face which quickely turned to a huge smile  then into laughing out loud.  Rob put a piece of bread on Adam's shoulder and the birds walked up his arm to eat it. Didn't take long for Adam to then put bread on his shoulder for the birds.  Forty five minutes later all the while laughing we had managed to feed all the birds.

With the bread all gone I looked up at the people at the kiosk and they were smiling.  I must make time to do this more often, as it reminded me of why I work in the industry.  It did make me envious of our direct support staff who have the opportunity to support our clients enjoy new expereinces and I can tell you that I felt a sense of privilege to be with Adam this day.



A Day out with Mum

Today my friend Andrew collected me from my home in the morning and we drove for a long time towards Brisbane.  On the way we got stuck in a traffic jam.  There were police, ambulance and tow trucks, after some time we got really tired sitting in the traffic so we pulled into a service station and I bought a milkshake.

When I finally got to mum's nursing home, mum was so happy to see me.  I could sense she was feeling really well today and was wearing a new skirt and looked so lovely.  We enjoyed lunch together and then played Balloon soccer.

In the afternoon Andrew picked me back up and we drove back to the Coast.  We listened to the radio and sang all the way home.  I had a really nice day. 


Damo's Fun Fact Corner

 Q. What did the computer say when he got home?

 A.  I had a hard drive..




Bare Feet Bowls

"I'll set you up"

"Couple of mats at each end."

"Make sure you use the same Bowls. There are four to a group. They have matching designs on the sides"

"It's all in the curve and the placement of the Bowl if your lucky enough to strike the White"

Words by the passionate Elder Bowlsman.








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